A house brimming with history

The first hotel in Luson – A history

In 1978, Franz and Josefa Hinteregger, farmers from the Löchlerhof farm in Luson and the parents of the current hoteliers, built the Rosental Hotel, which ended up being this small mountain village's first such establishment. Fifteen years later, Alois Hinteregger and his wife Gabi took on the house, which is steeped in tradition. They modernised and extended it, making it into what it is today – one of the loveliest three-star hotels in the area.

The name of our hotel is derived from an old legend which says that Luson was once one of the quietest and most romantic high valleys in the Alps. The mountainsides were dotted with Alpine roses and good wine flourished here. One day, however, the area was battered with heavy storms. These storms caused mudslides, which altered the landscape of the picturesque valley for good. In remembrance of the beautiful, once rose-filled valley and its wine, we named our hotel "Rosental" – which means "Valley of Roses".