Winter sun and flurries of snow

A winter time-out in your Three-Star Hotel in South Tyrol

When autumn slowly draws to a close and the days become colder, one thing is certain… winter is coming! It's also time to plan your winter holiday. It doesn't matter whether you prefer comfortable winter walks or carving your way across steep pistes, on your skiing holiday at our three-star hotel in South Tyrol, you're definitely in the right place!

Skiing pleasure in the Alps

43 kilometres of slopes in the Plose skiing area and the 1 km-long slope in Luson offer everything necessary for an unforgettable ski holiday.

The Luson Hiking Guide

You can also hike in winter! Select your tour from the comfort of your own home and look forward to a wonderful experience.

Winter Deals

So you can have a winter holiday completely tailored to what you want, we have put together some attractive deals for you.

Movement in the fresh winter air

Bright blue skies, fresh mountain air, the glistening peaks of the Dolomites and a winter landscape guaranteed to make anybody happy the first time they see it. This is exactly what winter in Luson and the surrounding area is like! The perfect opportunity to go outside and discover all this stunning natural beauty.